Charles Wolfe, founder and president of digital media content foundry WolfEditions, a 1996 graduate of California State University, Long Beach, is a recognized authority in developing and managing Internet presence and advises individuals, artists and business professionals worldwide. Wolfe speaking on his Redondo Beach start-up days "we have always been keen on the motto building an island of trust".

Wolfe's career has centered on his involvement around the music and film industries including projects with Academy, Emmy and Oscar Award winning artists, PBS (Public Broadcasting) television contributors Florentine Films, master painter with a huge understanding of luminescance Stephen Hannock, and celebrity interior consultant & television set designer Melinda Ritz (CBS/Warner Bros.).

Then.. there's WHeRe W0LFe.. (see what we did there?) occasionally mentions "working for 2/3rds of Crosby Stills & Nash. . or. .. 50% of CSNY".. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, the most Gracious and legendary and sadly, late "Queen of the Beatnics" Judy Henske along w/ Judy's own Mr. Craig Doerge (Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, CSN).

Wolfe ran for a while w/ 80's heavy thrash metal icons Megadeth (Metallica), Iron Maiden's vocalist Bruce Dickinson, Malice and let's definitely Not leave out Grace Jones, author Adeline Yen Mah and certainly Not the least, L.A.'s London (pictured right) and still performing today.

Getting the gig through a SOUNDMASTER certificate programme, Wolfe worked as a prduction assistant/limo driver on the Charles Bronson film "Death Wish IV", appeared as an actor in the short film "Mojave Green" and as an extra in "The Decline of Western Civilization, Pt. II - The Metal Years". In the early 1990s Wolfe had digital works published in Austria via "Prix Ars Electronica" and in the U.S., his imagery featured in the CD-ROM "WIREHEAD".

One of Wolfe's fondest gigs was drumming for original member Bob Barryhill of 60's worldwide surf music sensation The Surfaris.. especially the challenge powering through each beat of "Wipeout".

Lately, Wolfe operates a 4th generation grain farm in the Mid-West. Wolfe emphasises w/ outstretched arms, gazing at miles of corn fields... "its just like Malibu!".