Wolf Editions was founded by California Native Contemporary Artist Charles Wolfe. WE sprang up out of a 1990s digital imaging print studio in Orange County, CA.. just a few blocks from Disneyland.. In Los Angeles WE worked w/ clients at CBS Studios and Warner Bros..

Indeed WE was all over L.A... even South Bay working as apprentice pioneer printmaker for Nash Editions, (the first fine art digital printmaking outfit in the world whose early hardware is in The Smithsonian). Wolfe found a treasure trove of talent including the likes of master luminescent oil painter Stephen Hannock. Wolfe gleaned a task or two @ NE handling web presence for the likes of super legends Judy Henske and Florentine Films.

WE has managed for educators, small and large business, physicians, non-profit organizations and a few Academy, Emmy and Oscar award-winning artists locally, nationally and abroad.

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